Craft Show Vendor App

The 74th Annual DeWitt Ox Roast will be hosted in Downtown DeWitt August 16, 17, and 18, 2019. We hope you will
join us for this fun-filled weekend featuring a food and beverage court, arts & crafts, entertainment, numerous
children’s activities, carnival, adult activities, kayak racing, pet beauty contest, bingo, and much more! For additional
information visit our website at, phone 517-624-2953 or

2019 General Information

Sales, Displays & Pricing
We seek a creative and diverse selection of vendor items in conjunction with a family-friendly environment. All arts and
crafts must be hand crafted. Absolutely NO commercial/manufactured, resale or used items, food or beverage items
will be allowed in the arts & crafts area. All food and beverage vendors must apply via the food and beverage
application process.

Date & Hours

Vendor booths must be fully staffed and open for business during stated hours.

Important Dates & Times

• Early Registration Deadline is Friday, July 19,2019 (Completed Application and Payment required)
• Late Registration Fees Begin, Saturday, July 20, 2019 (Completed Application and Payment required)
• Check-in and Set-up: Friday, August 16, 2019 8 am—2 pm
• Tear-Down: Sunday, August 18, 2019 beginning at 4:00 pm


Absolutely no application will be accepted without full payment, completed application and support photographs. Only
one vendor is allowed per booth space. Please indicate the number of 10×10 units you will require for your needs on
your application.
10’x10’ Space $125 Prior to July 19, 2019
10’x10’ Space $135 After July 19, 2019
Corner Space $150 (Limited Number) Please include separate check for corner space as these will be granted on first
come basis.


There will be no refunds of booth fees after notification of acceptance. All refund requests prior to this date must be in writing. A
$50 fee will be assessed for any returned checks. Any violations of the rules and regulations or other applicable city/state/county
ordinances will result in immediate dismissal from the DeWitt Ox Roast in which case no refunds will be issued. No refunds will be
given due to the cancellation of the event by an Act of God, Local Authorities, or weather related incident.

Sales Tax and Licensing Requirements

All vendors must have a sales tax license or obtain a concessionaires sales tax return and payment form 5089 from the State of
Michigan. All vendors are responsible for any tax required by the State or Federal taxing authorities.

Location Assignment & Set Up

To capitalize on the closure of the streets for the Ox Roast, the street vendor area will be located in the center of downtown
DeWitt. Based on received applications, the Ox Roast committee will assign your location in the best interest of the event. We will
do our best to accommodate location preference based on order of received and completed applications.
Once assigned, movement or relocation will not be permitted You will be notified of your location the first week of August. You
must set-up within the allotted set-up time period (Friday 8 am—2 pm and all vehicles must be removed from the area by 3 pm. No
vehicular access to the Event footprint will be permitted until 4:30 pm Sunday or until police deem it safe to enter. All streets will
be opened to vehicular traffic by 7:00 pm on Sunday, August 18. Latecomers will not be accommodated and no refunds will be
issued. All vendors are required to cover their booth space with a minimum 10’x10’ pop-up tent. Do not solicit or impede outside
your purchased booth space. Smoking is not allowed within your booth space. Respect your neighbors and
customers. Vendors are expected to provide their own tents, tables, chairs, and display boards. Do not tape, tack, or otherwise affix
any materials or signs to walls, trees, lamp posts or other surfaces on public or private property. All inventory and boxes must be
contained in your booth area, you may not set-up on the grass, sidewalks, or street outside your booth. Canopies MUST be
anchored by weights on all tent corners. Vendors area required to bring their own tent weights. No ground stakes are permitted;
the street is concrete/asphalt pavement. Vendors are responsible for transporting and placing their own booths and units. Labor to
set-up/tear down booths is not provided. All vendors booths must be ready by 3 pm Friday, NO EXCEPTIONS.


No loud audio system may be used. Please be considerate of your neighbors.


Generators are not allowed. Electricity is available on a limited basis.

Water Hookup

NO water hookup is available to street vendors.

Cleanliness and Trash Removal

Vendors will keep their location and surrounding area clean and free from litter. All garbage must be disposed of at the end of the
Festival at designated locations.


Police, EMS, and professional security will monitor and be present throughout the event. The DeWitt Memorial Association will
employ a professional security firm to be on-site Friday and Saturday night. The Ox Roast, DeWitt Memorial Association, it
sponsors, members, and participants assume no liability for loss or damage to a vendor’s cash, wares, or property. Every
precaution will be taken to guard against loss or damage.


This agreement is non-transferable and may not be assigned to another part.

Alcohol, Foul Language, and Threats to Safety

Consumption, promotion, sales, or possession of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Festival footprint unless approved by
the Ox Roast Committee. The Event will not tolerate any foul language, threats to the safety and welfare of attendees, or
violations of any stated rules or actions deemed inappropriate by the Ox Roast Committee. Any violations of this will be cause for
immediate removal from the premises and denial of future participation in the event.

Parking for Personal Vehicles

Vendors must park their personal vehicles in designated areas only. A Parking map will be provided in the information package
sent in July.

Use of Name

“DeWitt Ox Roast is trademarked and MAY NOT be used to personalize any items sold at the Ox Roast Event unless the Ox Roast
Committee has negotiated, approved, and issued an exclusive Special Activities Contract with you and arrangements have been
made for the Ox Roast to receive full commissions or royalties on the sale of that merchandise. DO NOT attempt to use the name
or any variation thereof on shirts, clothing, food products, or merchandise of any kid. The Ox Roast will prosecute violators to the
fullest extent of the law. This application is not a Special Activities Contract.


All art and craft items must be the creation of and assembled by the exhibitor. Commercial/manufactured items, food, beverage, resale and used items are not allowed. Food and beverage vendors must apply via the food and beverage vendor application. Photographs of all arts & crafts items must be submitted with the application. Vendor approval will be made by a committee. Vendors will be notified of acceptance within 10 days of application and payment receipt. No refunds after acceptance.
$ 0.00
ATTENTION! Please understand that submission of this form DOES NOT guarantee a spot as a vendor until your application is reviewed and approved.

Hold harmless Agreement

In consideration of the DeWitt Memorial Association, City of DeWitt, the Ox Roast, and other organizations allowing the undersigned to utilize the City of DeWitt’s sidewalks/streets to sell their product during the Ox Roast occurring August 16-18, 2019. The undersigned agrees to hold harmless and indemnity the City of DeWitt and the DeWitt Memorial Association and partnering organizations and volunteers from all liability and responsibility of injury to person(s) for any damage to any City of DeWitt property or property of others arising out of or resulting directly or indirectly from the utilization of said City sidewalk/ streets in the City of DeWitt during the above special event dates. The undersigned further does hereby remise, release, and forever discharge the City of DeWitt, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claim, demands actions, causes of action, damages and liabilities, resulting or arising out of, either directly or indirectly, from the utilization of said City sidewalk/streets in the city of DeWitt during the above special event dates. Enclosed are the application, photographs, and payment for fees. I understand that completing this form does not constitute acceptance in the DeWitt Ox Roast. I understand that if I am asked to leave said Event, there will be no reimbursement of paid fees. The undersigned hereby attests that he/she has the legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the business listed above. Further, the undersigned has read and understands the rules and regulations of the event and agrees that he/she and any individual representing his/her business will abide by the rules and regulations. By signing, you agree to and understand all rules and what is expected
By signing, you agree to and understand all rules and what is expected
I authorize the DeWitt Memorial Association, City of DeWitt and the DeWitt Area Chamber of Commerce to use and reproduce any photographs, personal narrative, interview or audio video recording of my participation for any and all purposes.