Main Stage Rebuild

Main Stage Rebuild –
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My name is Sam Fitzgerald. I am a Senior at Dewitt High school, a Life Scout, and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader of Dewitt’s Boy Scout Troop 77. In March of last year I asked the Dewitt Memorial Building Association what improvements they would like to see completed for an Eagle Scout Project. Since the Memorial Building has been the home for troop 77 for many years and is a land mark in the Dewitt community, it seemed like a perfect fit.

I was asked to add a permanent roof and structural framing to the Memorial Building’s mobile stage. As an aspiring architect, having the opportunity to help design and manage a public construction project at a manageable scale is a great opportunity. Sutton Remodeling has graciously been assisting me in the design and will be involved throughout the project.












This project offers the opportunity to enclose the stage, re-vamp the electrical systems, help with weather resistance and the longevity of the stage, allows for better display of signs and banners as well as acoustical improvements.

I look forward to completing this project with the help from our DeWitt community.