Memorial Building Rebuild

The DeWitt Memorial Building was built to house a library and two community rooms for the benefit of community residents. The building consists of two structures attached to look like one. The combined building offers three meeting spaces.
The original intent was to provide meeting space for non-profit organizations in turn for their assistance during the annual Ox Roast and room rentals for private parties and meetings to generate income for the maintenance of the building.

The east side of the building features two offices, storage areas and one large room with approximately 1600 sq ft of meeting space, handicap bathrooms and kitchen. This side of the building was the original library.
The west side of the building features two floors. The upper level floor offers almost 2900 sq ft of open space with two bathrooms, the lower level space offers 2200 sq ft with two bathrooms and kitchen. This building was the original community center.
Structurally the building is fine; however, due to the lack of adequate funding over the years, the building needs considerable investment to make much needed improvements.

The main source of income at this time is the Annual Ox Roast; however, this event has not been able to generate the income needed to make the improvements. Without the improvements it is difficult to utilize the building as intended.
The Board of Directors are now working with a group of skilled individuals who are creating a plan to save and improve the building, so it can once again be the community building the founding members envisioned.

We could really use your help!